“Medic Art” is making‘Medical Science’and ‘Art’to be united and makes also medical care easier to comprehend. We named it “Medic Art” and provide advertisement materials with pursuing a creative activity.

We pursue making you easier to understand for medical care and give you suggestions about helpful promotions depending on many kinds of situations.


This page is explained our policy and what we could help for health professionals.


Attitude for design
We will challenge to design for medical care and believe in limitless possibilities for design for it. This page shows you our efforts to design.

The power of design

The strong and impressive design concept inspires your heart.

◆The sample of business cards

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You could understand that our site “Medic Art” provide
you illustration materials related medical care on this page.
You can see all of our illustrations materials of
“Medic Art” here.
There are several free items.
Please don’t miss it.


Don’t you use lots of complicated words? It would be very difficult to explain with only writing about medical care.

We suggest you to get fascinating illustrations for your writings. The visual explanation would make people easy to understand for complicated medical science.

We explain “medical writing” on this page.   We provide you to emotional and impressive advertising materials because “Visual writing” makes the world of medical care clearly undersatandable also helps communication among patients, health professionals and their families.

Social media promotion

Social media has limitless possibilities. Shall we believe in limitless possibilities of social media?
We provide you social media service like FaceBook, YouTube,etc.

Why don’t you trying to believe in the possibilities of social media like Facebook and YouTube and so on?
We introduce you to the examples of video promotions on this page for you.
Visual representation exceeds many kinds of languages!
The promotion with voice and visual representation like YouTube would makes people easier to understand and being able to a strong affinity with medical care.

Works —Total brandingー

We have a passion for making effective and practical advertisements and helping customers with responding to difficult requests and a strong desires. 

We introduce you to our achievements here. Websites, Pamphlets, Logo marks, Business cards. We can provide you to all types of advertisements.

About us

We aim for the world of a fusion of medical science and art and helping patients and health professionals with a relationship of mutual understanding of each other.

We’d like to help your many kinds of situations

Name of our company: Medic Art Inc.

President: Yoko Yokoyama
Location: Hamamatsucho Dia Building 2F,
2-2-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Zip 105-0013

TEL: +81-80-5099-5900
E-mail: info@medicart.jp

Description of business:
Planning and producing of illustrations for medical care
Planning and producing of writing for medical care
Planning, producing and management of graphic designs
Planning and producing of animation video, design, photographing, editing
Operation of "Medical art",an online marketplace of medical illustrations and videos
Please feel free to ask your questions. Development of services and products related to care and recreation Planning and production of functional training materials Development of games for health promotion. Development and sale of Tsubo Karuta ®. The company also operates the website "Health at Home", which provides information on health promotion.


[Personal background]
Yoko Yokoyama

I was born in Kyoto, Japan.
The president of “Medic Art8” having abilities of designs, illustrations, writings, editing animation videos and creator.

I entered the University to study art because I was interested in drawing pictures and curious modern art and made lots of works but I gradually got feeling the limit of the world of art.
I finally decided to study the basic of medical science because I had chance to visit at Tokyo University and fascinated the mysteries of human being.

After my experience I worked for quite big company advancing development tin the medical equipment but I could not abandon to study medical science at the University.
For that reason, I made a big decision for going to a Japanese National University called Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. After graduating the University, I could graduate study for the basic of medical science at Tsukuba University.

After graduated from the graduate school of Tsukuba University, I made use of this experience and advantage and attempt that makes the most of these strong points. I have been concerned with medical information transmission with my policy of designing medical care at medical publishing company, medical advertising agency, manufacturer of medical equipment, medical cosmetic clinic, science museum. I’m making efforts for giving medical information transmission with passion.


World of views by maniac educational background

These are worlds expressed myself who graduated from the University of art and studied biotechnology and medical science at graduate school. The president of Medic Art, Yoko Yokoyama.

We introduced you to medical illustration materials by Medic Art, our proposal of idea by designing for medical science and medical care and muttered at our promotion.